1991. 3 Foundation of the Condensed Matter Research Institute, SNU College of Natural Sciences
1997. 3 Change of affiliation to SNU Institute of Basic Sciences
2013. 6 Foundation of the Institution of Applied Physics (IAP), SNU
2013. 7 Appointment of Professor Wonho Je as the first director of the IAP
2013. 8 Reorganization of the Central Laboratory with Clean Room, Sample Preparation Facility, and Low Temperature Facility equipment
2014. 4 Inauguration of the IAP; Launch of the Import-Substitution Project
2016. 7 Hosting of the 25th International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP 25)
2017. 6 Signing of an MOU for the development of the integrated photonics industry
2017. 9 Appointment of Professor Heonsu Jeon as the second director of the IAP
2018. 3 Appointment of Professor Seunghun Hong as the third director of the IAP
2018.12 Hosting of the 2018 QTM-AFM Workshop
2019. 3 Establishment of the Bio Room
2019. 8 Hosting of the 11th International Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials (MSM19)
2020. 3 Appointment of Professor Kookrin Char as the fourth director of the IAP